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The unbearable weight of the first post

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It’s a painstaking process, coming up with the very first blog post.  Do I start first with who I am?  What this is about?  Why I am here?  In this strange new digital space, I feel as out of place as a nun at a stag party.  What am I doing here?

So, I followed WordPress instructions and actually completed, step-by-step, the “how to get started tutorial”  No kidding.  Here’s my outline.

That’s me with the curly floating head in the middle consumed by my own idea tree.  The end result was not as epic as I’d hoped.

Following the WordPress guru, I honed in on one topic that allows for all the other interests to sneak on in.  Here is what this site is about.  In one word: Counseling.

In more words: This site is intended for individuals interested in counseling, current counseling students, beginning counselors, and even the older generation who may find wisdom in their own words after listening to a tadpole counselor learn the ropes.  Feel free to use what’s here and provide comments and feedback often.

Author: thepathny

I am... a clinician an educator a writer a music aficionado a lover of learning, living and growing

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