half a tank is all you need…

Give and Receive


This is swell!!

Not only is it cool (and rare) to get an award but that it comes from the creative, talented, courageous bloggess at anxietyadventures is even better.  Hats off to you and Gnome.

I’m delighted that the guidelines for acceptance include nominating slightly more than a handful of great blogs.

I’ve had the wonderful fortune of reading the following:

Tamara Suttle – all things private practice
bucket list publications
chinos & chopsticks
the neophyte counselor

Keep posting, keep reading.

Author: thepathny

I am... a clinician an educator a writer a music aficionado a lover of learning, living and growing

4 thoughts on “Give and Receive

  1. Oh – thank so much for the award! I’m very honoured – and I’m also so surprised and pleased to find that you’re reading my blog! 😛 Will post about this in my next post. Just a flying visit at the moment coz it’s really late here but I’ll pop back soon to have a proper read and get to know you better! 😀


    • Thank YOU for writing! I’m a fairly new follower and while I tend not to comment or “like” too frequently (much like you don’t do hugs), I appreciate the honesty and humor of your posts. Thank you for enriching the blog community. 🙂


  2. Hey! I tried to leave a comment after you so graciously nominated me for The Beautiful Blog Award but . . . I don’t see it! Not sure if I’m hoping that was user error or a technical glitch but either way . . . thank you thank you, D! I was so surprised and tickled that you would think of Private Practice from the Inside Out!

    I’m doubly happy to receive the award because it led me back here to your fabulous blog AND I get to introduce my readers and others to 7 of the most beautiful and life-changing blogs that I’ve found, too! SWEET!

    I’ll be back to visit your blog again – not because you nominated me but because I see you have much to offer and expand my thinking. I hope you’ll be back to visit mine, too, D!

    Blessings to you on your journey!

    • Thank YOU! I read your blog all the time but I feel like I need to have more than my 14 mths of experience to contribute anything useful. Getting there…one clinical hour at a time. I can’t thank you enough for creating your practice and your site. I always knew I wanted to go into private practice but figuring out how to get there is a different beast altogether. Your words of inspiration and your insights are truly invaluable. So thank you, thank you!! I can’t wait to visit the sites you have recommended. I feel blessed to be a part of the counseling community.

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